Matthew Price

Matthew Price 2016

     There’s a tattered old backpack leaning against a scrubby, mountain pine tree as a he looks out from a sun-warmed ridge high in the Oregon Cascades.  This isn’t just where Matthew Price finds inspiration, but it’s also a metaphor for his music, which takes the familiar and carries it to a place it hasn’t been before.  He calls it Oregana, a fermentation of folk music, foot travel, and frontier.    

     He traces his interest in songwriting to an open mic night when a husband and wife performed John Prine’s, In Spite of Ourselves.  Since then, Matthew has followed his protégé’s footsteps with his down-to-earth, honest, and often funny lyrics.  “Matthew Price is becoming somewhat of a folk icon in Oregon’s Willamette Valley through some very strong songwriting”, states Marc Albert of Salem’s KMUZ 88.5FM. 

     In 2010, he released his debut album, "Stranded", which gained positive reviews by both fans and critics, and received some regional radio play.  Then in 2012, Matthew joined with vocalist and violinist, Christiana Zollner, and in 2013, released a second CD titled, Gallon House.  This project is built around witty and sweet duets and acoustic instruments.

     Matthew relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 to pursue songwriting.   After two years of being immersed in the Nashville scene, Matthew returned to his hometown of Silverton, Oregon with a reinvigorated passion for the roots of American music and is currently working on a new album to be released in 2017.