Matthew Price

Great American Song Contest

This is a very charming contemporary folk tune, that’s as comfortable as an old sweater! I’m knocked out by the quality of the poetics. So I inform you with enthusiasm and pleasure that this composition has qualified to be a finalist in the folk/Americana category of the “14th Annual Great American Song Contest”. Clever stuff ………. Keep up the great work!

Vents Magazine

How many members does a band need to have in order to be considered awesome? Does a group need to provide scandal and be conspicuously dressed in order to attract listeners? I have raised these questions before in my previous posts and surely they may have many answers. However, in this case, the answer is: 1) Two and 2) No.

Matthew Price and Christiana Zollner, also known as Gallon House, are what folk music should be about. Their debut album contains incredible guitar riffs and awesome drums here and there. To this we add the great voices of these two musicians and the result is something romantically exciting. This can be seen immediately in “Only In My Mind,” “Bigger Fool,” and “Living With Your Ghosts.”

“Lemon,” on the other hand, is faster, with finger style guitar riffs combined with the accordion. Basically, it is a song to grab your partner and dance with him/her the old fashioned Wild West style, to let your inner cowboy out.

“Favourite Things” has a more pop vibe and you can even feel some resemblance to artists such as John Mayer or Regina Spektor. It’s fun, entertaining, and really mellow. In contrast, “Revolution” and “Alone Together” are more Damien Rice meets Bon Iver.

Finally, “Twinkie” has some aspects similar to the type of songs mentioned in the beginning. It is charming, with beautiful guitars and vocals, which captivatingly complement each other to deliver something just great.

In conclusion, this album certainly is not for everyone. Perhaps many people might end up falling asleep and, unless you like the aforementioned groups or bands like Mumford and Sons and The Civil Wars, this record will bore you. Now, for the other group of people, this album is sweet as honey, delicious as chocolate, and really original.

Rating: 4.3/5


Review by RJ Frometa